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Ikona Imaging provides IO Industries products for video capture, video management, portable video storage solutions, industrial automation, infrastructure maintenance, military testing, avionics, broadcast video, and medical imaging.

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NEW! Redwood Product Line
Victorem CoaXPress

  • 0.4MP to 20MP models
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Monochrome and Color CMOS sensors from Sony
  • Long-distance coaxial cabling with power for camera
  • Ikona Imaging

    Redwood Product Line

    Ikona Imaging

    Redwood 45MP

  • Resolution: 8192 x 5468
  • Optical Format: Super 35 (31.5 mm diagonal)
  • Interface: CoaXPress
  • Frame Rate: 52
  • Dimensions (mm): 62 x 62 x 154.7
  • Redwood 65MP

  • Resolution: 9344 x 7000
  • Optical Format: 35mm Full Frame (37.4mm)
  • Interface: CoaXPress
  • Frame Rate: 71
  • Dimensions (mm): 62 x 62 x 154.7
  • Victorem Product Line

    For the Victorem CoaXPress Data Sheet Click HERE

    Volucam Product Line

    Ikona Imaging
    • Video Camera with Internal Recording
      • Compact, multi format, variable frame rate
      • Supports a variety of CMOS sensors, allowing for high resolution HD video recording
    • High Performance Video Sensors
      • A variety of Volucam models feature high quality CMOS sensors from Sony and Gpixel
      • Resolution options range from 0.4MP to 26.2MP, with most models featuring electronic global shutter capability to eliminate motion artifacts
    • Interchangeable Lenses
      • C-mount lens interface allows easy interchangeability between hundreds of compact lenses available today
      • An optional adapter for Canon EF-mount lenses allows the operator to remotely adjust the focus and aperture of the attached lens
    • Fast 10G Ethernet
      • Allows for rapid transfer of video recordings from the Volucam to an Export Server
    • Internal Video Recording
      • Built-in high-performance solid state drive stores recordings until they can be transferred through the 10GbE interface for further processing
      • Capacity can be up to 1920GB, allowing long clips (or many shorter clips) to be recorded before the storage fills up
    • Multi Camera Synchronization
      • Allows many cameras to be shutter-synchronized as well as time-synchronized so that all frames captured at the same time will have the same timestamps to correlate the images by
      • Supports IEEE-1588 precision time protocol through the 10GbE interface
    • Live Video Monitoring
      • For low-latency direct-to-display monitoring, the Volucam has a 12G-SDI video output capable of streaming Full HD or Ultra HD video at up to 60fps
      • A tri-level sync input allows the SDI signal to be synchronized to a sync reference
    • Simplified Configuration and Operation
      • A typical configuration involves connecting several cameras to a 10GbE network switch and using a single PC as a control station
      • At the control station, IO Industries StudioCap-VC multi-camera management software can be used, or developers can integrate control of Volucam cameras into separate applications using the Volucam SDK
    Ikona Imaging

    Flare Product line

    “Flare” image capturing ranges from 2MP to 48 MP with speeds up to 360fps at full resolution. The Interfaces include 3G-SDI, Camera Link, and CoaXPress.

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