Introducing Liquid Lens Technology From Corning® Varioptic®

Varioptic’s liquid lens technology delivers fast, continuous and precise focus control. This is for use in all situations where the digital capture is critical:

  • digital photography
  • industrial data capture
  • barcode reading (1D and 2D)
  • biometric data acquisition
  • videos with large amplitudes of object distance variations

Until now the optical properties of lenses, either made from glass or plastic and typically requiring months to be produced, were always fixed. Varioptic has now created a « smart lens » that can be reconfigured on demand with just a variation of voltage. The lens can adapt rapidly and continuously from diverging to converging and be modeled to support all key optical functions, starting with Auto-Focus and Optical Image Stabilization.

Varioptic is the first company to have developed a lens that effectively and simultaneously performs superior Auto-Focus and Optical Image Stabilization, correcting both major sources of blur.

Ask Ikona Imaging Experts about VariOptic lense lines:

  • Driver ICs