Finding the Best Camera and Sensor for Your Imaging Needs

With 30 years experience in the professional imaging field, e2v is a key supplier to the machine-vision market.  Recognised for the quality of our CCD and CMOS sensors and cameras e2v designs and manufactures the class leading line scan camera ranges.

Ikona Imaging supplies E2V Line Scan Cameras and CMOS sensors.

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Imaging sensors (CMOS) and Line Scan Cameras

  • Machine vision imaging
  • A&D
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Industrial Imaging
  • Medical Imaging
Industrial Line Scan Cameras:
  • ELiiXA+® series monochome
  • AViiVA® 2 series monochome: EM1, EM2, EM4
  • AViiVA® series monochrome: UM2, UM4, UM8, SM2
  • AViiVA® series in color: SC2, UC2
  • DiViiNA® series monochrome: LM1, LM2
  • ELiiXA® series monochrome: 3V, 4S
  • ELiiXA® series in color: UC4, UC8 
  • UNiiQA+ series in monochrome and color



uniiqa_-_ general_machine_vision _flyer_v1.0.pdf

NEW !!!!     UNiiQA+ series

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e2v’s new UNiiQA+ family of line scan cameras have been specifically designed to bring affordable, flexible and simple high speed solutions to your current inspection or sorting system. The broad choice of UNiiQA+ cameras offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution at multiple price points in order to accommodate any performance requirement and any budget.

Using e2v CMOS image sensor technology, the UNiiQA+ colour covers all of the main resolutions from 0.5k to 4k pixels and speeds up to 80KHz in colour. The 5µm pixel pitch sensor enables the UNiiQA+ to stand as the most compact line scan camera on the market today and to be C-mount compatible at any resolution up to 4K pixels.