Your Trusted Supplier of QImaging Cameras

Ikona Imaging supplies QImaging cameras for:

  • life science 
  • industrial software for microscope
  • machine vision 
  • video streaming applications

Camera selection includes:

  • Retiga 200DC, 4000DC, 2000R,4000R
  • Rolera Bolt, Thunder, XR, EM-C2
  • QI Click, QICam Fast
  • EXiBlue

Every QImage camera includes QCapture™ software. 

Ikona Imaging

EXi Blue™

The EXi Blue™ camera designed specifically for the study of processes within live cells. The camera delivers fast frame rates, high sensitivity and exceptional temporal resolution.

Easy to use, the EXi Blue camera can be installed and operational within minutes. It features an optimized IEEE 1394b "Firewire" interface and simple, versatile software.

Ikona Imaging

Retiga™ 4000DC

The Retiga™ 4000DC CCD camera was specially engineered for low-light, high-dynamic-range applications and supports light fluorescence and polarization applications.

Ikona Imaging
Ikona Imaging


Make quick work of bright-field, fluorescence imaging and more—the QIClick snaps into place with IEEE 1394 Firewire/single wire ease, right out of the box. The camera takes only minutes to run, and can go anywhere with complete laptop portability.