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NEW! 1394b lock (screw-type) cables:
New IEEE-1394b  has 9 pin to 9 pin bilingual ports cables with support for standard 1394b lock connector on both ends.
The screw lock cables are compatible with all 1394b Unibrain adapters (PCI, PCI express) and repeaters. They are also compatible with all latest 1394b cameras fromSony and any 1394b device which supports the screw lock type connector. The cables are equipped with high quality shielding and ferrites (4.5m or longer) for the best possible EMI & noise suppression.

The USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable (AOC)
Cost-effective and high-performance solution enabling existing devices to be used in new ways such as for industrial and security cameras, Industrial and Medical machine control and High-Definition surveillance.

Firewire Cables 1394a / 1394b
Unibrain's FireWire cables offer superior features, due to better connectors, shielding and storage conditions:

  • Top quality connectors with high-density enclosures to eliminate an often underestimated source of noise.
  • Outer shield and inner (foil and braid) ensures compliance with the latest FireWire standards, which reduces radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.
  • Careful storage and shipment procedures ensure that performance is not affected by accidental excessive bend radius. Up to 400/800Mbps high speed data transmission
  • Quad shielding (S-400 specification) for maximum speed without data loss
  • FireWire (IEEE-1394) compatible
  • Plug ’n play technology: Hot swap live devices, no terminator needed
  • Temperature: 0' - 85' C (32' - 185' F)

Long “Smart” Firewire-800 (IEEE 1394b) cables
Extends topology up to 40 meters (130ft) via a single 75 Ohm coaxial type cable with no need for repeaters or bus extenders. The cables are available in the following lengths:

  • 20m (65ft) Firewire-800, 9 pin to 9 pin standard 1394b ports (Part #: 1660)
  • 40m (130ft) Firewire-800, 9 pin to 9 pin standard 1394b ports (Part #:1661)

Each end is a “Smart” device using EqcoLogic’s equalizer with the following characteristics:

  • Auto-adaptive: controls a multiple pole analog filter that compensates for attenuation of the cable
  • Variable gain: EqcoLogic’s equalizers are used in pairs. Any differences in transmit amplitude are removed by the input pre-driver. The receiver equalizer has variable gain to compensate for attenuation through the transmission line
  • Multi-speed: it supports S800, S400, S200 and S100 speeds