Ikona Imaging is committed to providing our customers with the best imaging products and solutions.

Who are our customers?

  • OEMs
  • End users
  • System integrators
  • Research and educational institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Government

What industries do we typically serve?

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical

Industrial, Robotics, Scientific

Defense and Aerospace

Homeland security and Inspections

Vision systems, Automotive, Surveillance

Packaging and Measurement systems

Microscopy, Biometrics, Diagnostics

logistics drones

Corporate VC






PCB Inspection

Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive, creative solutions to all your imaging needs.  We will not only provide you the products – but also the technical help and guidance needed to make your imaging project a success!  
Our product line covers all aspects of imaging: CamerasCablesSoftwareFrame Grabbers,LightingLensesand  Custom made systems

Ikona - Imaging made easy -  partnering with the best:

Latest News!!

Zivid Two brings human-like vision to pick-and-place robotics. Zivid Two camera enables robot cells to handle small, shiny, and reflective objects.