High Performance EMCCD Cameras by Photometrics

Ikona Imaging supplies variety of Photometrics Camera such as EMCCD and CCD cameras.

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EMCCD Cameras

Ikona Imaging

Evolve 512 "Intelligent"

The Evolve 512 "Intelligent" EMCCD camera is the first scientific imaging solution that reads out pixel data in photoelectrons, resulting in accurate and reproducible data. With the most advanced feature set available, this small, yet powerful Evolve camera is ideally suited for low-light bioimaging applications.

Ikona Imaging

Evolve 128

The Evolve 128 delivers the highest frame rates available with extreme sensitivity for demanding low-light applications ranging from In Vivo imaging to Single Molecule Fluorescence. As the leader in quantitative performance, the Evolve 128 provides researchers an enhanced imaging tool with on board camera intelligence. Features such as Quant-View® combined with superior stability, enables precise and accurate research measurement and reproducible results.

Ikona Imaging

Evolve 512 Delta

Discover a new way to evolve your science with the fastest and most productive EMCCD camera available in the world. The Evolve 512 Delta empowers you with the potential to obtain research results in about half the time of previous 512 EMCCD cameras.

CCD Cameras

Ikona Imaging


Engineered for moderate to low-light life science applications, this unique cooled CCD enables high spatial resolution and an optimized frame rate for live cell imaging.

Ikona Imaging


Designed for moderate-light life science applications, this imaging solution provides high spatial resolution for acquiring exceptionally detailed images with clean backgrounds

Ikona Imaging


The CoolSNAP HQ2 offers optimal low-light-level sensitivity across the entire visible spectrum — and even into the near-infrared region. This interline camera is an ideal choice for a broad range of high-speed, high-resolution microscopy applications.

Ikona Imaging


The CoolSNAP ES2 interline camera has been optimized for moderate- to low-light-level fluorescence microscopy applications that demand both moderate speed and high resolution.

Ikona Imaging


The CoolSNAP EZ interline camera is an excellent choice for moderate-light-level fluorescence microscopy applications that demand both moderate speed and high resolution.