Software for Scientific and Industrial Image Analysis

Imaging products that support the entire process of mining and refining knowledge from images.

Ikona Imaging

Image-Pro software includes the latest tools for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing. Capture, process, measure, share, visualize and compare. It's all possible with Image-Pro.

Ikona Imaging
Ikona Imaging

Image-Pro Series include:

  • Image-Pro Premier
  • Image-Pro Insight
  • Image-Pro Plus
  • Image-Pro Plus Bundles
  • Image-Pro Plus Inspector
  • Image-Pro Plus MDA
  • Image-Pro Plus 3D
  • Image-Pro Plus AMS

Advanced Image Deconvolution and 3D Visualization Software for Life Science Researchers.

AutoQuant producs:

  • AutoQuant X3
  • AutoQuant Advantage
  • AutoQuant Connect

AutoQuant X Modules:

  • Ratiometrics
  • FRETColocalization
  • Counting & Tracking