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Ikona Imaging Supplies a&b software

  • computer and machine vision
  • industrial and scientific image analysis
  • real-time image and signal processing

Product line includes:

Areas of application areas include:

  • industrial automation
  • metrology
  • life science
  • X-ray inspection
  • food processing
  • aerospace
  • geology
  • traffic and security. 

ImageWarp is a full-scale image analysis package that offers hundreds of high-performance image processing and measurements functions, built-in integrated development environment, database and spreadsheet support, and various graphic representation of output data. A Photoshop-like multithreaded interface allows for simultaneous display of live video, static images, temporal and spatial sequences, charts and measurements for the rapid creation of custom applications and development of new imaging techniques.

ActiveGigE is a universal SDK for GigE Vision industrial and scientific cameras. Just drop an ActiveGigE object on the surface of your application and get an immediate access and full control over multiple GigE Vision cameras. With ActiveGigE your application does not have to rely on a specific camera model - any GigE Vision™ compliant camera will work out-of-the-box in any popular development environment with an unsurpassed performance. The latest addition to ActiveGigE includes the DVR module that offers high-speed video recording and playback, advanced compression settings and many more.

ActiveDcam is a component software solution designed to provide developers with an easy and efficient access to FireWire (IEEE-1394) digital cameras. With ActiveDcam your applicaton supports multiple DCAM-compliant cameras "out-of-the-box". ActiveDcam includes extensive documentation and source code samples for Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Delphi and Matlab demonstrating live video capture, image data display and analysis, storing acquired images in different formats, full control over camera settings, and many more.

GigESim is combination of a GigE Vision software simulator, converter and server. A computer running GigESim presents itself to the network as a real GigE Vision camera with fully adjustable features. The simulator can be used for prototyping a GigE Vision camera as well as performing GigE application development when a camera is not available. GigESim can also convert cameras of different types (USB, 1394, CameraLink) into virtual GigE Vision cameras accessible from any computer on the network, with an ability of a full remote control over camera parameters. Finally, GigESim can be used as a GigE Vision server SDK allowing developers to stream images from their applications to multiple computers for distributed processing and surveillance.

ActiveGeni is a new addition to our highly acclaimed series of universal camera SDKs. It provides an interface to any analog or digital video device (cameras, framegrabbers, X-ray detectors etc) as long as the manufacturer of the device offers a GenTL (GeniCam Transport Layer) driver. In addition to GenTL compatible devices, ActiveGeni future releases will also support IIDC-1394, GigE Vision, USB3 and web cameras providing the most universal camera interface in the industrial vision market.

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